Why are we called “Zum Siegburger”?

Straelen was originally part of the Earldom of Irmingard von Aspel but in

1064 it was granted, together with its manor and church, by Archbishop

Anno II of Cologne to Siegburg Abbey.

The Abbot of Siegburg thus became the land-lord of Straelen with right of

jurisdiction, a dominance which lasted until 1799.

It meant not only that the Straelen people had to pay their tithes, it also saw

the establishment, as early as the 13th century, of a main court, a democratic

municipal administration and a stronghold which ensured the town‘s

safety. These developments went hand in hand with the growing influence

of the Dukes of Geldern.

The Abbot of Siegburg would come to Straelen from time to time to

receive the homage of its people. He was met ceremoniously at the border

of the lands near Wankum and greeted with the utmost deference by the representatives

of the town and church at the town boundary near the Anna

Chapel, in other words right in front of this hotel.

The ceremony from the past with the Abbot of Siegburg was re-enacted

at the 1964 festivities marking nine centuries of the town‘s history (1064 –1964).

The Municipal Archivist



The history of the hotel

It's more than 50 years now since the footballer Willi Scholten was approached by SV Straelen to move from his TuS Kevelaer team and join them. However, he didn't want to risk the move without an assured financial basis for his life, for his wife had a successful grocer's shop in Kevelaer and he had a good job with the firm of Weber & Wenzel in Geldern.

As it happened, however, in May 1967 the Panhuysen sisters were looking for a successor to take over their little restaurant and bakery in Straelen. Founded in 1870 by Peter Boeckstegers, it had been run since 1900 by his daughter Anna Panhuysen and her three daughters. That was the opening Willi, the father of the present owner Manfred Scholten, had long been waiting for, and he moved with his family to take up a successful football career in Straelen.

The sport soon made his little restaurant better known, and by 1968 the first changes were already in progress. The bakery and little shop had to give way to a bigger kitchen, a skittle alley and a function room.

In 1976 Willi Scholten retired from active football and from then on he devoted all his energy to the restaurant.

In 1977, more than 30 years ago now, the entire premises were converted into a small hotel business. The skittle alley was moved to the basement to make space for a larger function room, and the chance was seized to add a second lane. Eight hotel rooms and a second function room rounded off the reconstruction work of that period.

By 1993 it was time to completely renovate the restaurant, and today a beautiful bar area and niche lounge invites guests to linger in comfort.

In 1998 Willi Scholten passed the business on to his son Manfred. Now in its second generation, the hotel continues to expand: the eight rooms are meanwhile 19.

And so the little pub has developed into a good-going business with a staff of almost 15, all happy to look after our guests.

The outstanding home-style and international cooking with special regional and seasonal weeks has certainly been no small factor in making the Gasthof Zum Siegburger known and popular well beyond the town's boundaries.

And its comfortable rooms offer an ideal base for exploring the Lower Rhine and the Straelen region by bike.



Gasthof zum Siegburger Annastraße 13 47638 Straelen info@siegburger.de